"The Negatives" IS punkrock. An uncompromising sonic assault delivered without doubts straight from the heart.

The band started way back in 1999 when a couple drinking buddies decided to start a punkrock band with the mission to bring punkrock back to the roots.

In 2000 "The Negatives" released 7 songs on two different demos that both got raving reviews from various magazines, fanzines, radiostations and record companys. By 2001 they were featured on a number of compilation CD:s, supported punk legends "The Business" and were subsequently nominated for the "Demo Band Of The Year 2000" award in swedens biggest punk/metal magazine, Close-up.

Throughout 2001 more singles in true punk fasion was recorded, including "Riot In The Suburbs" and a split-single with "Electric Hellclub". They recived the same optimistic response. Singer, Fredde, quit the band and was replaced by current vocalist Jyrki. Who used to sing with the legendary swedish punk band "Existenz". In October of 2002 "The Negatives" released their debut album "Rules and Regulations" on the german label "Trash 2001 Records"

By 2004 they had signed with german label Bad Dog/Core Tex Records from berlin and recorded and released their sophomore album "No Truth - No Justice" wich was later released as an LP by Trash 2001 Records. More European tours followed and the fan base grew steadily.

Changes in the lineup halted the progress for a while but by 2006 they had a new bas player, Nasty, and drummer, Harri, who both hail from finland bringing the combined total of finns in the band to 3. As a four piece they set out to record the 3rd album and by the summer of 2007 "At The End of The Rope" was finished. Critics loved the new album as well as the new lineup and this solidified the bands desire to stay a four piece effectivly returning the sound to its punkrock roots.

After a hectic touring schedule the band took a break from playing and recording in late 2008 as the members pursued other intrests and bands. Svegis resurected his old band The Bristles with Harri and recorded and toured in europe. Nasty Moved to england to join the Gypsy Pistoleros and toured europe and the U.S with them. He was later joined by Harri in england for some recording with the band. After that Nasty moved to Los Angelse to pursue his music and Harri returned to Sweden.

The summer of 2010 saw all members, Svegis, Jyrki, Harri and Nasty ones again back in the same place it all started and they got back together to see if the old magic was still there. It was! They played a few shows to get into the groove and then started to write songs for a new album. The first of this new material can be heard on Switchlight Records new Split series to be released in november 2011.

Line up:
Svegis - Guitar
Jyrki - Vocals
Harri - Drums
Nasty - Bass